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  • Release: 0.3b [07/06/2003]
    Kamme 0.3 beta version released. Please look the Product page for details and you can download it directly from the Download section.

  • Release: 0.2 [05/15/2003]
    Finally we did it. We completed version 0.2. Find out the new features at our Product page or download it directly from the Download section.

  • Change of version policy [02/01/2003]
    After some discussions we decided to change our version policy. Version 1.0b is now known as 0.1. Our next release will be version 0.2

  • Release: 1.0b [01/01/2003]
    If you want to find out more about this innovative program visit the Product page or go directly to our Download section and get it.

  • Web site launch! [01/01/2003] is online! We are sorry, but most sections are still currently under construction. Coming soon.